“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”


This girl has the magic touch! In an early morning session downtown, Paulina managed to wrangle my four wild children and come out with some truly stunning shots. How she handled the chaos of the kids' energy + interfering tourists + high-end photography equipment, I'll never know. But the kids loved working with her, and she managed to capture our personalities beautifully! I really appreciate the time and creativity she put into the planning, shooting and editing. Thanks for the magic, Paulina!

Paulina is a professional, highly skilled photographer and so easy to work with

"Paulina is a professional, highly skilled photographer and so easy to work with. She will select locations and art direct each shot. I love ALL of my photographs. I appear natural-looking, and every single photo is stunning. Friends and family love them. The photos are blowing up on my FB and Instagram accounts! I am so grateful to know Paulina. I will definitely hire her again. She really captures me in every single shot."

She is truly a wonderful professional photographer

It was our pleasure to have our family photographs taken by Paulina. She gave us direction, made us relax, and let us talk, so that we were very natural while she took the outdoor photos. She has a great eye for background, setting and the individuals in the photos she takes. She made the shoot so much fun and for the first time we enjoyed having professional pictures taken. We were amazed by her editing skills that allowed for the removal of unwanted items in the photos, as well as the addition of a hood scoop that was missing on the car. She is truly a wonderful professional photographer.

High-end, beautiful photos; loved shooting with Paulina!

We enjoyed shooting with Paulina so much! She truly cared about connecting with us and getting the pictures we wanted, but also had great ideas of her own. I also really appreciate that she told me if I needed to make tweaks to poses, etc. She has such a creative eye and is extremely detailed, which can be seen in her photos. The angles and editing are fabulous and I also love that she uses old-school film in addition to digital! So cool and unique!! It really shows her passion for photography to go that extra mile. Paulina was even patient enough to shoot at multiple locations in the heat/humidity, scrambling over rocks, etc! Despite her busy schedule, she edited the photos and got them to us very quickly. It is heartwarming how focused she is on ensuring that we are happy with the photos and also to see her passion in her art and in work. We had so much fun and LOVE the final photos! Hope to shoot with her again in the future!!

Paulina is the BEST wedding photographer!

Paulina is the BEST wedding photographer! She is very caring, detail-oriented, kind and funny. She had so many great ideas about the places, postures and everything that a great wedding photo needs. She was so fun to work with! We had a really great shooting with her! I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a wedding photographer.

We had a very intimate gay wedding, and Paulina was a great addition

We had a very intimate gay wedding, and Paulina was a great addition.
She met with us at our ceremony location prior to the date to get a feel for us as a couple, and scout the location. At the ceremony, there were only 4 of us and the priest, but Paulina managed to take really great shots from different angles without me noticing her. I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the shots, because I didn't realize she had been moving around us.
The ceremony started late, and after it, Paulina made sure we took the time to get all the right shots, despite our time constraints. She gave us direction when we needed it, but the photos have a candid feel, which I really enjoy.
We had the shots online after only 2 days, and looking at the photos made me feel like it was my wedding day again.
Thank you again Paulina.
You went above and beyond to really capture us, and give us great photos to remember our day.
Charles & Nicolas M.

So. Much. Fun

Paulina did a great job taking our wedding photos and was so nice!! She has a creative bent and great ideas. We had a brilliant time running around dressed up, following her instructions and we got unique, priceless photos!! She even knew how to include our dog and has a critical eye that she uses to make you look your best! She was available via text to help us figure out clothing options and logistics beforehand and throughout the shoot she was cognizant of keeping a theme in mind for the photos. On top of that she was professional and made us feel comfortable. Would repeat in a heartbeat and will never forget it!!

Her Images Are the Purist Art

Her Images Are the Purist Art
Paulina takes photos that look like Art... she uses natural light and everything looks like she captured genuine moments of real people. She's doesn't use bright flash attachments that destroy the intimacy of the special occasion. You tend to forget she's there moving around the wedding couple finding the right angles to make unforgettable images of the event. If you want bright flash bulb photos that look staged then you might want to look elsewhere. If you want a Wedding Album that looks like a beautiful coffee table work of photographic art images then she's the one to go with. She servers up a mix of color and black and white images to look like the photography of a 1940's Hollywood Film Studio's PR department. You will get hundreds of amazing images to choose from for photo prints and a thumb drive of every image she approves of. She does a significant amount of photo processing to make the images look as good as possible so there are hundreds of jaw dropping images that look like the work of a graphic artist and not just a competent photographer. She makes your event into a demonstration of her skills as an artist.

Thanks for everything Paulina!

My husband and I got the chance to work with Paulina overseas in Italy where we are currently stationed (my husband is in the Navy) and I am so thrilled we did! We had a few chats about the types of shots we were looking for, attire (which Paulina was very helpful with) and she also provided us with a lot of creative and fun ideas as well. We shot with her over the course of two days and I loved her energy, her vision, ability to roll with the punches AND her attention to detail. She always noticed and fixed when my hair was out of place, my dress needed fixing, my hand looked weird, when something looked off/not right...which I truly appreciate as not every photographer does this and then when you get the photos back you may love it, except for that ONE thing. Luckily this didn't happen with her. Also, she made us LOOK REALLY GOOD! My husband is extremely uncomfortable in front of the camera and she somehow got great shots while we got to have some fun staring at each other. The photos turned out better than we hoped for and we'd shoot with her again in a heartbeat. Not every person you work with for a short time becomes a friend, but she's so warm and funny that this is exactly what I felt like happened. Thanks for everything Paulina!

Beautiful adaptive style of photography

Paulina has a beautiful adaptive style of photography. My husband and I had a very small quiet church wedding and Paulina perfectly captured the intimacy of the event.

Creating beautifully lit and elegantly composed images.

Paulina photographed me on location at a beach, and she did a great job creating beautifully lit and elegantly composed images. She was kind and easy to work with during the shoot, and communicative and timely after the shoot for delivering the images to download. I definitely recommend her, such beautiful images!

Fun and full of laughter

Amazing, friendly, fun with passion!
Paulina and her husband Ryan visited us on the farm just on the outside of Cape Town, South Africa while they were on a holiday break from Tanzania. The entire process was just amazing and with fun and full of laughter. Well done Paulina and her wingman Ryan, please visit soon!!!


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